Tune in to Episode 3 of the Sunday SHITSHOW! We’re chatting with Stu from Life Strife about his journey post-double hip replacement, updating you on our May Car artwork giveaway, diving into men's mental health, sharing the latest in surfing, and revealing our top music picks.

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Sunday SHITSHOW!

Hey SHITSHOW fans! We’re back with another jam-packed episode of your favourite Sunday chaos. This week, we have a fantastic lineup that’s sure to entertain, inspire, and maybe even educate you a bit. Let’s dive into what you can expect from Episode 3 of the Sunday SHITSHOW.

Stu from Life Strife is finally lounging with us after his double hip replacement. Yes, you read that right—double hip replacement. Stu’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, and he’s here to share some of his hard-earned insights. We’ll explore how Life Strife is making a significant impact in the tradie community, supporting mental health and well-being with innovative initiatives. You won’t want to miss his incredible story and the positive vibes he brings.

May Car Artwork Giveaway Update
Car Art enthusiasts, rejoice! We’ve got an update on the Geltchy May Car artwork giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, now’s your chance to snag a unique artwork of your car or vote for your favourites. This competition is heating up, and the entries are nothing short of spectacular. Head over to our contest page, get involved, and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner driving off with some amazing art.

Diving Deep into Men's Mental Health
This week, we’re tackling the crucial topic of men’s mental health. It’s an issue that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, especially in the tradie community. With Stu’s help, we’ll uncover how Life Strife is stepping up to provide essential support and resources. From innovative initiatives to heartfelt stories, we’re covering it all. It’s a serious subject, but we promise to keep the conversation engaging and insightful.

Make Surfing Fun Again
What’s going down in the world of surfing? We’re here to give you the lowdown—or at least our version of it. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just someone who enjoys watching the waves, our surf segment has something for everyone. Expect our unique, somewhat chaotic take on the latest surf news and trends. We might not be seasoned WSL Professionals, but we enjoy the discussion!

We’re revealing which artists are on rotation on our music playlist this week. Find out who is setting the mood this week and maybe discover your next favourite song.

Join Us for the Ultimate Sunday SHITSHOW Experience

So, what are you waiting for? Episode 3 of the Sunday SHITSHOW is packed with excitement, inspiration, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re here for the shit talk, the giveaways, the deep dives, or just some good old entertainment, we’ve got you covered.

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