Illustrated Australian Number Plates, your one-stop destination for detailed original and eye-catching novelty number plates.

Our collection features a range of hand-drawn and digitally coloured artwork designs that are perfect for enhancing the aesthetic of your man cave, bar, garage, or home decor.

These illustrated Australian novelty number plates are not only great for displaying on your walls but also for showcasing on your motor vehicle at shows and events. Manufactured with pride in Australia, these STD issue number plates adhere to the standard Australia size of 372mm x 134mm, made from high-quality aluminum.

Each plate boasts unique lowbrow garage art license plate drawings and illustrations that are sure to catch the attention of any onlooker. Whether you choose to display them on your favorite wall or mount them on your car, these plates are designed to add a vibrant splash of colour and make a bold statement.

Please note that these illustrated Australian novelty number plates are intended for display purposes only and are not suitable for road use. They are the perfect addition to your collection, providing a unique and artistic touch to your space without compromising on quality or style.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect illustrated Australian number plate to showcase your individuality and creativity.