Get ready for Episode 5 of the Sunday SHITSHOW! We welcome surf artist Owen Cavanagh, who previews the Give Me 5 Charity Car & Motorcycle Show and shares the story of his famous Sunshine Coast mural. We announce @crackterry as the May 2024 Geltchy car art giveaway winner, reveal new Geltchy products, and discuss our surf predictions for the WSL CT at Surf City El Salvador Pro. Plus, check out our fresh music playlist picks. Tune in for an episode packed with art, charity, and surf stoke!

Episode 5 - Surf Art, Charity, and Car Culture Collide!

Welcome back, SHITSHOW enthusiasts! Episode 5 is here, and it's packed tighter than a surfboard quiver with electrifying content. This week, we were thrilled to welcome Owen Cavanagh, the legendary Solearte Surf Artist and the dynamic force behind Studio 53 Art & Surf Culture in Coolum Beach. Here’s what went down:

Owen Cavanagh: Surf Art Icon and Charity Champion

Owen Cavanagh joined us to discuss the upcoming Give Me 5 Charity Car & Motorcycle Show on 22 June 2024. If you're unfamiliar, Give Me 5 is an incredible initiative supporting the Sunshine Coast community, funding vital local health services, and making a tangible impact in people's lives. Owen is not just a patron but a passionate advocate for the cause, using his art to drive awareness and support.

Owen also shared the fascinating backstory of his iconic mural painted on a sugar cane farm next to the Sunshine Coast Motorway. This monumental piece, which captures the essence of coastal life and the vibrancy of the region, has become a beloved landmark. Painted to reflect the local culture and surf heritage, it stands as a testament to Owen's connection to the community and his artistic prowess.


Stu's Big Announcement: May Car Artwork Giveaway Winner

Stu had the honour of announcing the winner of the May 2024 Geltchy Car Art giveaway. Congratulations to @crackterry! Your one-of-a-kind artwork is on its way.

For our next giveaway, @crackterry has chosen a 1970s Chevrolet Square Body or Ford F100 as the vehicle inspiration. We can’t wait to see what Geltchy will create next!

Fresh Off The Press

Hold onto your hats, because Geltchy has just dropped the latest must-haves for your collection. From new surf-inspired apparel to exclusive car art prints, these items are hotter than a mid-summer scorcher. Visit our online store to snag these fresh releases.

Surf Predictions: Hit or Miss?

Stu took us through his surf picks for Tahiti. Did he nail it, or was it a wipeout? Spoiler alert: Stu’s insights were more like a perfect barrel ride than a nosedive. And now, we’re turning our gaze to the WSL CT at Surf City El Salvador Pro, presented by Corona. The big question: John John Florence or Jack Robinson? Stu’s got his money on Florence, but only time will tell if this choice will surf up success.

World Champs Predictions

We’re not just stopping at event picks. We threw down our predictions for the WSL World Champs. Will there be a dark horse or a fan favorite rising to the top? It’s anyone’s guess, and we’re all in with our thoughts.

What’s On Our Music Playlists?

No episode of the Sunday SHITSHOW is complete without sharing what tunes are fueling our vibes. Here’s what we’re currently jamming to:

  • Owen Cavanagh: INXS - "New Sensation" (Classic 80s energy that never fades)
  • Stu: Radio Birdman - "Aloha Steve and Dano" (Surf rock with a raw edge)
  • Geltchy: Fake News - "Rewind" (Local pop punkers bringing the fun)

Add these tracks to your playlist, and you’re set for any surf session or post-surf chill.

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