Get ready for Episode 4 of the Sunday SHITSHOW! We've got a special guest, Jakey Supergrom Spicer, sharing his hot takes on the WSL and surfing from a youth's perspective. We’ll also announce the winners of the Life Strife Stickers, showcase the latest products Fresh Off The Press, and reveal what's spinning on our music playlist.

Episode 4 - Welcome back to the Sunday SHITSHOW!

Welcome back to the Sunday SHITSHOW! In Episode 4, we’re thrilled to bring you an action-packed episode featuring the talented and insightful Jakey Supergrom Spicer. This young surfing prodigy sits down with us to discuss his views on the World Surf League (WSL), share his experiences, and provide a fresh perspective on the world of surfing. But that’s not all—this episode is brimming with exciting segments, from giveaways to the latest products and music recommendations. Let’s dive in!

Jakey Supergrom Spicer on WSL and Surfing

Jakey Supergrom Spicer, a name that’s quickly becoming synonymous with youth surfing excellence, joins us for an in-depth conversation about the WSL. Jakey shares his thoughts on the current state of professional surfing, the challenges young surfers face, and what it means to compete at such a high level. His insights offer a unique look at the sport from a young athlete’s point of view, making this a must-watch segment for surfing enthusiasts of all ages.

Announcing the Life Strife Stickers Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of our Life Strife Stickers giveaway! These lucky participants will receive exclusive stickers that are perfect for personalizing your surf gear, laptops, or any other surface that needs a touch of the SHITSHOW spirit. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Fresh Off The Press: New Products

In this episode, we also showcase the latest products that are Fresh Off The Press. We’ve got some fantastic new additions that are sure to excite our fans:

  • New BOARDCARRY Longsleeve T-Shirts: These stylish and comfortable longsleeve tees are perfect for any surf enthusiast. Designed with practicality and fashion in mind, they’re great for both on and off the beach. Made from high-quality materials, they offer durability and comfort, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
  • Man Cave Number Plate Signs: Add some personality to your space with our custom man cave number plate signs. These signs are perfect for giving your man cave a unique touch and are ready to be shipped out. Whether you’re looking to decorate your garage, shed, or any other space, these number plates are the perfect addition.

What’s On Our Music Playlist?

No episode of the Sunday SHITSHOW would be complete without sharing what’s currently on our music playlist. This week, we’ve curated a selection of tracks that are perfect for getting you pumped up before a surf session or just chilling out afterwards. Here’s what we’re listening to:

  • Jakey's Pick: "Californication" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Jakey chose this classic track for its iconic blend of rock and introspective lyrics. "Californication" is a song that captures the essence of the California dream and the dark underbelly that comes with it. It's a perfect track to listen to while driving to the beach or winding down after a long day of surfing.
  • Stu's Pick: "Come Out and Play" by The Offspring
    Stu's selection is a high-energy punk rock anthem from The Offspring. "Come Out and Play" is all about rebellious spirit and the drive to break free, making it an excellent choice to get you amped up before hitting the waves. Its infectious chorus and driving rhythm make it a staple in our playlist.
  • Geltchy's Pick: "One Chance" by BLACKGOLD
    Geltchy's favorite this week is "One Chance" by BLACKGOLD. This track blends alternative rock with powerful lyrics about seizing opportunities and making the most out of life. BLACKGOLD is a London-based quintet known for their party-starting riffs and nu-metal influences. Their music aims to bring back the fun and variety that characterized the nu-metal era, as highlighted in their recent EP, Volume Two. They believe in letting the music speak for itself, and "One Chance" is a perfect example of their energetic and rebellious style. For more about BLACKGOLD, check out their Kerrang! interview.

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