Collection: STICKERS

Introducing our diverse sticker collection, where art, humor, and limited edition memorabilia merge to bring joy and self-expression to your life.

From unique collectors' stickers illustrated by Geltchy to hilarious meme decals by our talented mates, there's something for everyone.

For collectors and enthusiasts, we offer rare and sought-after stickers showcasing stunning illustrations by Geltchy. Each piece captures nostalgic moments and beloved pop culture icons, making them cherished treasures that represent specific eras or fandoms.

In addition to collector's edition stickers, we have a wide range of funny options to bring a smile to your face. Our mates have crafted witty meme stickers with clever puns and one-liners, perfect for adding laughter to your day or sharing lighthearted moments with friends.

But stickers aren't just for collectors or humour; they can also be unique personal statements. Whether you want a stylish windscreen sticker for your car, a bumper sticker for a chuckle, or stickers for your surfboard, skateboard, or even your forehead, we've got you covered. Showcase your individuality wherever you go!

Our sticker collection caters to all tastes and preferences. Immerse yourself in limited edition memorabilia, humorous memes, and versatile designs. Explore our assortment and find the perfect sticker to add personality, nostalgia, or laughter to your everyday life.