That's a wrap for Yaroomba Boardriders - Club Round 4

After the frustration of having to cancel rounds 2 and 3 due to unfavourable conditions, Yaroomba Boardriders were finally back in action for Round 4. The anticipation was palpable as competitors and spectators alike gathered, eagerly to see some surfing despite the small waves and average conditions.

The day started off with a gentle buzz of excitement. While the surf wasn’t exactly pumping, the crew was undeterred, determined to make the most of what they had. The small waves did little to dampen spirits; if anything, the clear autumn skies added to the classic coastal ambience that makes days like these memorable.

One noticeable absence, however, was the women’s division. It's unclear why they weren’t present this time, but their absence was certainly felt. Regardless, the competition that ensued was fierce and full of impressive performances.

Standout Performances
Nick Boyd was the man of the moment, delivering stellar performances across two divisions. In the Over 40's, he clinched the win with his smooth, powerful surfing that showcased both experience and skill. His ability to read the waves and give that little bit extra earned him top marks from the judges.

Not content with just one victory, Nick also secured a second-place finish in the Open division with Zac McCallum just knocking him off the top spot. Competing against a younger, hungry field, his consistency and technique were enough to earn him a spot on the podium twice in one day, a testament to his versatility and competitive spirit.

Lee Shea was another standout, dominating the Over 50's category. His effortless style and deep knowledge of the ocean were on full display, making his win look almost easy. Lee's performance was a masterclass in how experience and a calm approach can prevail even when conditions aren’t ideal.

In the junior division, Archy Wallace took the top spot. Archy’s win was particularly exciting, as it highlighted the promising talent rising through the ranks. His dynamic approach and fearless attitude in the water electrified the spectators and showed that the future of Yaroomba Boardriders is in good hands.

Gratitude to Our Sponsors
A massive shoutout goes to our sponsors for making this event possible. Their support is crucial in keeping the spirit of competition alive and helping our local surfing community thrive.

Coolum Beach Hotel has always been a cornerstone of support, providing not just financial backing but a sense of community and gathering.
Gage Roads Brewing Co kept everyone refreshed and in high spirits with their excellent brews.
Geltchy and Oasis Air & Electrical both contributed significantly, ensuring the event ran smoothly.
R&W Coolum Beach also play a vital role, with their continued sponsorship helping to elevate the local boardriders club.

Looking Forward
With Round 4 now behind us, the focus shifts to the upcoming rounds. Here’s hoping for better conditions and even more thrilling surfing action. The camaraderie and competitive spirit exhibited today remind us all why we love this sport and this community.

Stay tuned for updates on the next rounds, and let's continue to support our local surfers and sponsors. Until then, keep surfing, keep smiling, and we’ll see you in the water!


1: Fabs
2: Boydy
3: Kirra
4: Chris


1: Boydy
2: Brian


1: Lee
2: Pete
3: Greeny
4: Aaron


1: Archie
2: Ky
3: Kobe
4: Sunny

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