Yaroomba Boardriders
24 February 2024

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Wrap up of the Yaroomba Boardriders - Club Round 1

In an exciting shift to Saturdays, we scored some solid waves and an incredible turnout, including a wave of fresh faces eager to make their mark on the local surf scene.

The day marked our largest sign-up yet, with a diverse mix of Juniors and the debut of the Over 40s & Over 50s categories. Jacki Green left his mark with a creased board, a testament to the tight competition.

Special recognition goes to Jye Gofton, a true force of nature, who not only placed 2nd in the Over 40s division but also clinched a remarkable second place in the fiercely contested Opens, defying competitors half his age with unmatched skill and determination.


1: Zane
2: Gofo
3: Fabs
4: Chris


1: Trev
2: Gofo
3: T.P.
4: Boydy


1: Aaron
2: Greeny
3: Lee
4: Pete


1: Ky
2: Koby
3: Archie
4: Josh


1: Miranda
2: Chloe

Join the Club

First things first – become a part of the action by signing up for a $40 membership today! As a financial member, you'll not only gain exclusive access to all the club events but also enjoy a fantastic 34% discount on all Yaroomba Boardriders merchandise. It's a win-win situation, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of our vibrant surfing community.

Club Rounds on Saturdays

Mark your calendars, folks! In an exciting update for the 2024 season, all club rounds will now take place on Saturdays. This shift promises to inject even more energy and enthusiasm into our events, ensuring maximum participation and enjoyment for all involved.

See you out on the water!


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I would like to join and be in the competition on the 24th I’m in the over 50s

Gary steele

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